Finbeta S.p.a. is an Italian shipping company based in Savona and operates a fleet of chemical parcel tankers. The company was founded by the Bertani family in 1937, and the family is still present with the third generation.

In 2019 a new financial partner entered the share capital through a full recapitalization of the company, to relaunch activity and renew the fleet.

Gradually, the company concentrated its activities in the transportation of fuel, diesel and aviation fuel and over the years, following a carefully planned diversification, Finbeta’s operations have extended well beyond coastal trading of CPP into the transportation of petrochemicals, vegetable oils, specialized chemicals and acids in the international market place.

The experience, accumulated by our staff through working with specialized products, has provided them with a unique knowledge on how to build and operate highly sophisticated Ice Class, stainless steel and Marine Line chemical tankers, between 7.000 and 14.000 DWT.

Since the mid 90’s the company has mainly been operating in the Baltic sea

Through a program of continuous training our team of highly skilled professionals is fully familiar with the latest technical and safety developments and allows the company to offer its clients an efficient and trouble-free service.

The long-term strategy of the company is to forge and consolidate close relationships with a number of selected charterers and present them with tailor-made vessels, which will allow them to meet the ever-changing face of their trade.