The FuQon Q\Platform delivers next generation quality control at terminals.

Who We Are

At FuQon, we have developed a fuel quality control platform that is real-time, continuous, cost-effective and clean. We began initiating early activities in 2015 and founded the business in 2016. We work with partners that have over 50 years’ experience in the oil, gas and chemical industries in various disciplines. We leverage experience to support customer needs for quality control by developing products together with our partners. We have lab facilities in Amsterdam where we build our databases and models and validate our algorithms. Member of the Dutch federation of technology branches of industry.

What We Do

We offer a Q\Platform based on NIR (Near-infrared) technology that detects contaminations real-time during a product transfer. This prevents or limits the damage done by an incorrect transfer. The measurement is taken continuously so any deviation during the product transfer will be detected immediately. This results in cost-effective, safe and on-time operations. No hazardous (open) sampling is needed, no operational delay waiting for lab analysis and no consequential damages occur. We offer a stand-alone platform or integration into a DCS (Distributed Control System).