GATX Rail Europe

GATX Rail Europe (GRE) is a leading, full-service railcar lessor offering a high-quality and diversified fleet to over 20 European countries. With an experienced, service-oriented team, GRE is focused on making railcar leasing and rail transport simple, efficient, and seamless.

The Company believes its customer focused model, delivers quick solutions and allows customers to focus their attention on their core business. Approximately 220 customers across various industries utilize GRE's more than 26 000 tank and freight railcars, resulting in an efficient, environmentally friendly, safe, and cost competitive solution relative to other transport modes.

The Company has strategically located offices across Europe for localized customer support, a state-of-the-art full-service maintenance and railcar assembly workshop in Poland, and long-standing relationships with numerous third-party maintenance workshops and railcar suppliers across the continent. GREs headquarters are located in Vienna, Austria and the Company is part of GATX Corporation, a 120 year railcar lessor traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE ticker: GATX).