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Talent & Diversity Inclusion Council (TDIC)

The EPCA Talent and Diversity Inclusion Council (TDIC) was established in the course of 2015 as an advisory body to the EPCA Board. Its role is to support and supervise EPCA Diversity activities to be developed with the aim of making the business case of the need for diversity inclusion within the chemical business community. Diversity inclusion supports the talent management methods ensuring that our industry can continue to deliver the innovative and sustainable solutions expected from its customers and stakeholders. In this perspective, the TDIC will develop and promote diversity inclusion best practices from within and outside the chemical business community in the EPCA membership base and the general public.

Diversity is defined as individual difference in the fields of gender, age, ethnicity, nationality and culture.

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To ensure a smart and sustainable future of the petrochemical sector, we need to equip ourselves with diverse range of talents, skills, backgrounds and perspectives. In this new series of conversations, we’ll highlight the kind of leaders that are needed to make it through the present moment and create future resilience and success.

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Report: Diversity and Inclusion Reimagined (2021)

In 2021 the EPCA Talents of Today, Leaders of Tomorrow (TTLT) committee issued an updated version of the “Why Diversity Matters” survey to track and compare D&I progress achieved – and recurring challenges - over 5-year time within the companies that participated to the original survey and in comparison with other industrial sectors.

Nathalie Brunelle, Chairperson of the TDIC, and Senior Vice President Corporate Affairs Refining & Chemicals, TOTAL, introduces the activities of the EPCA Talent & Diversity Inclusion Council (TDIC) which was established in 2015.

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Report: IMPROVING DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION: A Guide to Best Practices for the Global Petrochemical Industry (2017)

The EPCA Talent and Diversity Inclusion Council (TDIC) launched in early 2016, a research effort to better understand the root causes of D&I challenges in general and harvest best practices on D&I amongst its members. The objective of this was to identify existing practices, discuss their impact, learn from each other’s experience and sometimes failures, borrow the best ideas and last but not least, share the outcome of this ‘crowdsourcing’ exercise with the wider EPCA community.


Recognizing the increasing importance of Diversity and Gender Inclusion, EPCA (the European Petrochemical Association) has commissioned a survey of its member organizations to gain a better picture of the current status, progress and best practices across the European Petrochemicals industry. The survey and subsequent analysis were supported by McKinsey. From the side of EPCA, 19 member companies participated in a survey, which targeted both the “white collar” managerial workforce and the “blue collar” operations workforce and together represent a total of approximately 30% of the entire employee population of the European Chemicals Industry.