Why become a member?

EPCA membership offers your company the opportunity to be part of an exclusive global network of petrochemical companies and their business partners.

As a member of our community, your company can attend dynamic EPCA ‘Platforms to meet’ (annual and logistics meetings, seminars, think-tank meetings and workshops) which offer you:

  • Unique business development opportunities;
  • Privileged access to important industry partners and top speakers;
  • A space to raise and discuss issues affecting the chemical and  petrochemical industry;
  • The opportunity to organise ‘business to business’ meetings with key players in a European city hub;
  • News and updates on trends and developments in the business community.

You will also have the opportunity to stimulate new ideas and approaches and help the industry move beyond ‘business as usual’ by participating in and contributing to activities and projects in the field of logistics.

How to become a member?

EPCA is happy to receive your application for membership if your company’s activities fall into one of the following categories, taking into account the below definition of the Petrochemical industry (ART 2 EPCA AoA):


“The petrochemical industry shall mean legal entities whose activities involve the chemical conversion of raw materials extracted from fossil and renewable hydrocarbons and their derivatives”

  1. Full Members 
    • Producers of petrochemicals in Europe by reference to the above definition of the petrochemical industry.
  1. Associate Members
    • Producers of (petro)chemicals outside Europe.
    • Producers of chemicals in Europe whose activities do not involve the chemical conversion of raw materials extracted from fossil and renewable hydrocarbons and their derivatives.
    • Suppliers and customers of EPCA member companies inclusive of traders and distributors.
    • Service providers that generate a substantial part of their turnover from activities performed for or with the chemical industry:
      • Chemical supply chain and logistics service providers such as, but not limited to: forwarders, 4PL*, transport companies whatever the mode, liners, terminal owners or operators, handling, warehousing, storage, tank cleaning.
      • Service providers other than supply chain and logistics: consultants, engineering companies, inspectorates, investment companies, specialized press and surveyors.
    • Ports & other authorities organized in the form of companies or agencies rendering services or support to the chemical business community.
    * Three and Fourth Party Logistics Companies

The procedure for becoming a member of EPCA is as follows:

  • Your company sends EPCA a duly completed and signed application form which includes the name and contact details of a person in two major European EPCA member companies who can be contacted for the company reference.
  • If positive replies are obtained from the references, the application is submitted to our Board of Directors for approval. We allow two weeks for replies.
  • If your company’s application is approved, official membership documents are sent. 

The membership becomes effective after the payment of the membership fee.

The membership year runs form January to December. All annual memberships expire on 31st December. However, new members are welcome to join at any point during the membership year.

The fees for 2021 are as follows: 

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