Aleph Trade

Aleph Trade is an organization, importing, exporting and trading petrochemicals, chemicals and petroleum derivatives, headquartered in Istanbul with having offices in Europe and Asia. Aleph Trade provides variety of raw materials as dry and bulk for different sectors such as; paint, resin, construction chemicals, detergent, adhesive, rubber, cable, tyre, plastic, packing, nanotechnological lubricants, ink, glass, candle.

Aleph Trade is exclusive distributor of Socar Refinery. Beside, working with global leading companies such as Eastman, Petrobras, Rompetrol, Lotte, Lukoil, Gazprom.

With the ability of innovative thinking and offering alternative solutions, the company has entered to African market with the brandname ‘Afro Turco’. Thus, with this project Aleph Trade not only exports its’ own goods, but also exports SME’s products.

With it’s just in time delivery policy, qualified sales and after-sales service, broad product line and stock capacity Aleph Trade aims to take a leading place in global petroleum and petrochemical market.