Deltech Europe

Deltech LLC operates two production units on a 111 acre site in Baton Rouge, LA to manufacture methyl styrenes and other specialty monomers.  Deltech began operations in 1988 producing PMS (para-Methylstyrene) using a process licensed only to Deltech.   In 1992, the plant was expanded to allow production of the complimentary methyl styrene product, VT (Vinyl Toluene).  The primary difference between PMS and VT is the methyl styrene isomer distribution.  PMS contains 95% para isomer while VT is a mixture of the meta and para isomers. Methyl styrene monomers provide improved performance in resins for specialty paints, hydrocarbon resins for adhesives, specialty polymers and unsaturated polyester resins.

Deltech introduced another specialty monomer, TBS (tertiary-Butylstyrene), in 1993.  TBS is intended for advanced applications where low monomer volatility is important.  TBS is used in high resilence coatings, adhesives and specialty copolymers.

The site also produces the reactive aromatic monomer DVB (Divinylbenzene). DVB is used primarily in the manufacture of ion exchange resins for selective removal of materials from fluid streams such as the removal of impurities from water. DVB is also used as a crosslinking agent in adhesives and polymers. DVB is supplied as 63% and 80% DVB grades.