Our Vision: Bring every business to the center of the world!

Our Mission: Build a fully integrated global supply network for the Chemical Industry.

The old trading route between China and Europe traditionally dominated by sea and air freight, it experienced a significant shift since 2014 and entered a new SILK ROAD era, Asia and Europe are becoming more interconnected via freight train。This is fundamentally reshaping the trade patterns between China and Europe,in particular for the chemical industry, it is redefining the classical concept of the supply chain system.

By fully utilizing the overwhelming advantages of the modern railway system associated with the New Silk Road initiative, Factoryhood is building a highly efficient industrial platform designed to fully manage chemical trade and transportation services connecting the two major chemical markets of China and Europe.  The goal is to allow every business to be interconnected and to be able to compete in the global market easily, efficiently and safely.

Factoryhood Industrial Platform provides an innovative “free online trading platform” integrated with the door to door solution of the chemical transportation and logistics services delivered by leading European logistics companies.  Factoryhood is dedicated to develop a “Total B2B Solution” base on its efficient, convenient, and reliable online and offline connectivities between customers, suppliers and transportation providers.

By extending the traditional “regional and vertical” supply chain system into a far more sophisticated and capacious “intercontinental and flat” supply network, this will allow the complete integration of the China–Europe supply chain system while improving functionality and profitability for chemical operations in both China and Europe.  

The ultimate goal of Factoryhood is to develop a fully integrated ecological system for the global chemical industry, which will bring shared prosperity and mutual growth to every business.