Metafrax Chemicals

Metafrax Chemicals is a chemical company located in Gubakha (Perm region), the largest producer and exporter of methanol and its derivatives in Russia and Europe. The company is constantly working to improve the manufacturability and develop its product line.

For many years, the company has been included in the most established ratings of the largest companies, manufacturers and exporters in Russia, of such publications as Forbes, Expert, Business Class and Kommersant.

Metafrax Chemicals is the parent company of Metafrax Group. The Group also includes the Metadynea company with sites in the Perm region, the Moscow region and the city of Krems (Austria). Moreover, Metafrax Group includes the Karbolit industrial park (Moscow region), trading companies in Russia, Switzerland, South Korea, and other businesses. The group's annual turnover exceeds 50 billion rubles.