Since 2002, MODALIS is known as a major actor in rental, trading and consulting for the intermodal transport, modal shift & mobile storage. The values of Modalis are based on 3 fundamental lines: innovation, development and investment. Taking part actively in sustainable development and the promotion of intermodal transport, MODALIS contributes to the technical evolution of the equipment dedicated to this mode of transport. We have elaborated a continuous investment program in order to provide with the most performant & high quality equipment, available for rent or for sale.

MODALIS Know-How are :

- Intermodal rental

- The purchase of new & second hand intermodal equipment

- Sale and Lease back

- The analysis of your needs in intermodal logistics

- The design of equipment & specific units

- Training sessions

- Investment in standard & specific equipment

- Monitoring, maintenance & adjustment of fleet

- Additional services : transport, insurance, spare parts storage solutions, etc.