Old World Industries

Over the course of 47 years, Old World Industries (OWI) has transformed from a small chemical trading company into a global powerhouse for the automotive and chemical industries. OWI manages over a dozen leading consumer and commercial brands across 62 countries.

With today’s diverse business requirements, OWI has mastered the challenge of transporting critical products from point A to point B, while always prioritizing speed and reliability. Behind this fast-moving company is its continued commitment to reinvest in its people, processes and technology. This focus on human capital and innovation has enabled OWI to develop long-term relationships with major retailers, distributors, and suppliers in the business, without any outside investors.

Still family-owned, OWI continues to live up to the vision of its founders, Tom Hurvis and Riaz Waraich – To Have Fun, Make Money.

Diversity Statement:

“Our approach to diversity is simple – It Is About Respecting Everyone.    Old World Industries was founded on the unique qualities of our company’s two founders – a partnership of Eastern and Western cultures.  Diverse thoughts, perspectives, and ideas are what has propelled OWI forward to bring innovative products for our industry.  Along with the commitment to our employees, our customers, our suppliers, and our communities, we continue to strive every day to build a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion where everyone feels valued for their voice.”