OQ Trading

At OQ Trading, our business revolves around commodities trading, marketing and supply chain management.

Incorporated in Dubai in 2006, OQ Trading has successfully established a global presence as one of the world’s major participants in the commodities trading industry – trading approximately 30 million tonnes of energy products each year. We provide logistical solutions and risk management tools to those who require it, facilitating transactions while minimising risk to the parties involved. With a global network of trading offices, ideally located in all the major oil trading regions (Dubai, Houston, Rotterdam, Shanghai and Singapore), we are able to capture value from arbitrage flows and evolving market dynamics, utilising our world-class logistics and supply chain management capabilities.

Wholly owned by the Government of Oman, OQ Trading was initially established under the name Oman Trading International (“OTI”) as a joint venture between Oman Oil Company and a leading international energy trader. Through our heritage, we have developed a world-class operation, enabling the business to compete effectively on a global scale. We seek long-term commercial relationships, reflected in our growing network of trusted suppliers and customers, which include the world’s largest national oil companies as well as refiners, producers, international oil companies and independent trading houses.

As the country’s international commodities trading arm and a fully integrated division of OQ, OQ Trading is not only placed as the exclusive market facing partner to the OQ Upstream and OQ Downstream businesses, but is also a significant lifter of Omani hydrocarbons via non-OQ owned assets including the Ministry of Energy & Minerals and Oman LNG.

Our focus within Oman is on the development of oil and gas-based industries and other energy and energy related projects in partnership with international industry players, capturing and creating incremental margin from optimisation of the value chain in the oil and gas sector. Outside Oman, OQ Trading is actively pursuing commercial ventures in the energy value chain to provide an alternate source of revenue for the Government of Oman.