Chemistry is based on the interaction among different elements, how they connect and are transformed. Each connection creates a different reaction, leading to a new composition a new result.

Oxiteno believes in the strength of such connections to contribute to people’s well-being through chemistry. This momentum is created in laboratories and follows a long production chain until it reaches people's everyday lives. With operations in different regions of the world and a deep understanding of surfactants and other ingredients for multiple industries, Oxiteno's solutions are found in products around the world and in so many other areas that are essential to the lives of people.

Through strategic partnerships based on commitment, transparency, and knowledge, the company develops solutions in both chemistry and business. Its actions affect and contribute effectively to the upgrading the production chain, and thus boost the development of society as a whole.

As part of the Grupo Ultra, a major business group in Brazil, the company’s heritage is built on being a pioneer. Founded in the 1970s, it was the first company to manufacture ethylene oxide and derivatives in the country.

Today, Oxiteno is a leading multinational in the production of surfactants and specialty chemicals in the Americas. It has 11 industrial units across Brazil, the United States, Mexico and Uruguay, five research and development centers, and eight commercial offices in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

The pursuit of excellence in every detail and the need to constantly evolve drive Oxiteno's operations. With agility and a long-term vision, it faces business challenges creatively, based on knowledge and experience. The company has a team of experts dedicated to research and development always collaborating with business partners and research institutes around the world.

Oxiteno has established itself as a chemical company with a comprehensive portfolio of solutions and a high standard of delivery for markets such as Crop Solutions, Home Care and I&I, Personal Care, Coatings, Oil & Gas, Functional Fluids, Nutrition & Health and many others. It anticipates trends and develops sustainable operations, making chemistry responsible for the progress that balances economic growth, environmental protection, and people’s needs.