Tigro Industries

NV TIGRO INDUSTRIES is a family owned company that dates back from 1984. In that time period TIGRO INDUSTRIES developed a large client base, cross-industrie: pharmaceutical, feed, food, aviation, chemical, agriculture, automotive … The period of almost 40 years allowed TIGRO to build a warehouse and production capacity of over 40.000m², developed in close consultation with clients to serve their specific needs. The first site was built in 1988 in Overpelt, Belgium. This site is predominantly equipped for the handling of solids. The second site in Lommel (Belgium), which is now the headquarter, is constructed according to state-of-the-art requirements of a 21st century warehouse and production capability. It’s focusing on the handling of liquids and is foreseen for engineering projects in collaboration with clients. 

The location in the north of Belgium is at the heart of Europe. Close to the port of Antwerp, the port of Rotterdam and the industrial zones of Germany and France.

This rich history allowed TIGRO INDUSTRIES to build up a database that documents the wide range of experience and knowledge, acquired by working together with clients on every new mission, developing pragmatic solutions for customer’s challenges, through all those years. This wealth of experience and knowledge and the top infrastructure is now available to help our current and future clients, facing challenges with the storage and handling of dangerous and non-dangerous goods.