Frequently Asked Questions


Who can become a member?

EPCA is happy to receive your application for membership if your company falls into one of the following categories:

  • Producers of chemicals in Europe;
  • Producers of chemicals outside Europe;
  • Service providers that generate a substantial part of their turnover from activities performed for or with the chemical industry. This includes: chemical supply chain service providers, traders and distributors, consultants, engineering companies, surveyors and inspectorates, specialized press, investors and financial service providers;
  • Port and other authorities organised as companies rendering services to the chemical business community.

How to become a member?

The procedure for becoming a member of EPCA is as follows:

  • Your company sends EPCA a duly completed and signed application form which  includes the names and contact details of two persons in EPCA member companies who can be contacted for references;
  • If positive replies are obtained from the references, the application is submitted to the Board for approval;
  • If your company’s application is approved, official membership documents are sent. 

How do I access the list of EPCA members?

General information on the profile of EPCA member companies and a concise list of members can be found in the public area of the website. This list is updated monthly, and it contains the full and associate members. The contact details of the Official Representatives are only available in the Member companies area.

How can I participate in EPCA networking events?

EPCA member companies are invited to networking events. EPCA may however open some of its meetings, such as the EPCA Interactive Supply Chain Workshop, to non-members.

Companies interested in becoming members can find more information on the official membership application procedure on the membership page.

Unless otherwise stated, invitations are always sent to the Official Representatives and the delegates who made a request for an invitation.

What is the function of the Official Representative?

The Official Representative is the key focal point for EPCA in the member company. He/she receives the login and password to enter the members’ area, and all information on meetings, seminars and workshops is directly sent to him/her to disseminate within the company.

Find out more about our governing structure.

Who can I contact for my personal login and details to enter the Member companies area?

EPCA provides personal login details to the Official Representatives and employees of member companies who have paid their membership fee. Should you not have received these details, please contact

Who can I contact with changes in company contact details?

You can send all changes to Please note that all changes related to the Official Representative have to be confirmed in writing to the EPCA.

Annual Meeting

Who can register for the Annual Meeting?

Delegates from EPCA member companies can register for the meeting.

Who is participating in the EPCA meeting?

CEOs, CFOs, COOs, Chairmen, Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Business Unit Leaders, Senior Executives, Marketing & Sales Purchasing Directors, Managers, Commercial Coordinators and Products Managers from member companies having paid their annual membership fee.

When will I receive the invitation for the 2018 meeting?

The invitation brochure, including meeting registration and hotel booking forms for the Annual Meeting will be available on the EPCA website mid-May 2018. Only delegates of member companies having paid their annual membership fee for 2018 have access to these documents.

How can I register for the meeting?

Registration can be made:
  • online
  • or offline by returning the completed and signed meeting registration forms to the EPCA offices by fax +32 (0) 2 741 86 80 or by postal mail, courier or email.

Who can I contact for my personal login details to enable me to register online?

Our meetings administration department provides the Official Representatives and employees of EPCA member companies with personal login details to register online. In case you have not received these details, please contact

What are the procedures for room allocation?

Bedroom and meeting room allocation is made by EPCA on a ‘first come, first served’ basis for officially registered delegates having paid their registration fee, while taking into account the support of member companies to EPCA activities. EPCA endeavours to allocate rooms as requested, but given the limited availability, not all demands can be fully met.

When do I receive confirmation of my registration and the invoice?

EPCA sends the meeting registration confirmations electronically (unless otherwise requested). The bedroom and meeting room confirmations are sent to the registered delegates by email.

When is the attendance list available?

The attendance list for the 2018 Annual Meeting will be available from July 2nd, 2018 onwards.

How can I arrange meetings via the attendance list?

By downloading the attendance list in Excel format you will find the contact details of all the registered delegates in order to arrange your meetings prior to the EPCA event. The attendance list is available, approximately three months before the meeting itself.

What is the dress code for the cocktail party?

Lounge suit for men (including tie) and corresponding dress for ladies.

Where and when will the EPCA Annual Meeting 2018 take place?

The 52nd EPCA Annual Meeting will take place in Vienna, Austria from 7 to 10 October 2018.
There is a new schedule in 2018 with the opening dinner now taking place on Monday 8 October 2018.

Who can I contact for more information on the meeting?

You can submit your specific request to, or you can telephone + 32 (0)2 741 86 60 or fax + 32 (0)2 741 86 80.