About EPCA

The European Petrochemical Association (EPCA) is the quality network in Europe for the global chemical business community. Our members, consisting of chemical producers and their suppliers, customers and service providers, turn to EPCA for reliable and up-to-date information, forward thinking, and a professional platform to stimulate new approaches and ideas.

What do we do?

With 50 years’ experience, EPCA acts as a service provider for its member companies.

EPCA provides platforms to meet, exchange ideas, transfer learning, and serve as a think tank for the chemical business community and its stakeholders.

EPCA initiates, runs and promotes projects of interest to the EPCA chemical business community. These focus on topics such as chemical Supply & Logistics Chains management, Diversity & Inclusion and STEM Education in schools.

Who are our members?

EPCA operates for more than 700 member companies from 53 different countries that represent an aggregate turnover of over €4.4 trillion.

Given its large and global membership base, EPCA has never been a lobbying organization. As such EPCA does not have any international or national federations or associations in its membership.
EPCA is an international non-profit organization located in Brussels.

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