Chem-Courier is a major information and publishing agency in CIS countries with over 25 years of experience of reporting on the chemical markets. The agency provides independent information and expert analysis of the key chemical markets such as those for petrochemicals, LPG, mineral fertilizers, polymers, paints and coatings, chlorine and alkali as well as tyres.
Chem-Courier weekly publications deliver all the information about the chemical markets you need. They include prices, trends, the market developments and environment, trade, transactions, production and consumption, and the government control methods. The weeklies are aimed at sales, purchasing and marketing departments.
Chem-Expert monthly publications provide independent expert market analysis and forecasts for the key chemical sectors. The publications highlight the main trends, the demand and supply ratio, production, changes in imports and exports, and statistics. The target audience for Chem-Expert publications are marketing departments.