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  • is the European Petrochemical Association, the quality network for the global chemical business community in Europe.
  • provides platforms to meet, exchange ideas, transfer knowledge and support learning, and serves as a think tank for its members and its stakeholders.
  • operates for and through 700 member companies from 53 different countries.

48th EPCA annual meeting

4-8 October 2014



We promote sustainable and resilient supply chains

Sustainable Chemical Supply and Logistics Chains: the Path forward

This report shows on basis of thirty three cases coming from inside and outside the chemical industry, how in practice to cope with uncertainty and to manage complexity in supply and logistics chains whilst improving sustainability goals (People, Planet, Profit). As the report describes clearly, all of the aforesaid is enabled by collaborative approaches and technological developments. The latter are in the areas of equipment and operational processes as well as in IT communication and connectivity, as driven by either private initiative or governmental institutions. The report is the synthesis of the activities of three EPCA joint producers and service provider working groups during 2012 and 2013 with the support of academics and leading consultancy firms working for the Chemical Business Community.

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We encourage the study of science

Science: Where can it take you?

Working for the chemicals industry offers young people rewarding job prospects, interesting career opportunities and the possibility to contribute to a more sustainable world.

Watch EPCA’s ‘Science: Where Can it Take You?’ video to find out how studying science, technology, engineering or maths (STEM) can lead to a fascinating and fulfilling career in the chemical industry.

Read EPCA’s factsheet to learn more about the video and where a career in chemistry can take you.

Find out how studying science, technology, engineering or maths (STEM) can lead to a fascinating and fulfilling career in the chemical industry.

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4th Interactive Supply Chain & Logistics Workshop

2-3 June 2014


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Video clip presenting EPCA new visual identity

For EPCA, our new visual identity symbolizes the distinctive character of the association: we are a catalyzer and facilitator for a human network. This is expressed through the EPCA signature. The dynamic ribbons express the flexible, global and constant character of EPCA. This is made possible by the quality of our 700 member companies and their official representatives from the global chemical business community. View the video clip.

Annual meetings

EPCA’s Annual Meeting is a world-class business event for the chemical business community, welcoming top international speakers, CEOs, business leaders and service providers from across the globe.

48th EPCA annual meeting

4-8 October 2014


47th EPCA Annual Meeting Report