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  • is the European Petrochemical Association, the quality network for the global chemical business community in Europe.
  • provides platforms to meet, exchange ideas, transfer knowledge and support learning, and serves as a think tank for its members and its stakeholders.
  • operates for more than 700 member companies from 54 different countries.

49th EPCA annual meeting

3-7 October 2015

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We promote sustainable and resilient supply chains


Talent & Technology: Drivers for supply chain leadership

EPCA organizes an Interactive Supply Chain Workshop for both producers and logistics service providers every two years. A networking and learning workshop which takes place in a European location between January and June. Key outcomes of the workshop feed in to subsequent EPCA Annual Meetings or Chemical Supply Chain & Logistics working groups.

Top speakers with in-depth expertise and global reach in their sector of activity are invited to address these workshops that also benefit from the support of top business schools in the world specialized in supply and logistics chains. We offer cross-sector transfer of learning with practical examples of implementation of innovative methods that delegates can use in their daily supply chain operations. Our round table discussions give participants the opportunity to voice their opinion and share their experience with their industry peers.

The last workshop, ‘Talent & Technology: Drivers for Supply Chain Leadership’, took place on 2nd and 3rd June 2014.

Sustainable Chemical Supply and Logistics Chains: the Path forward

This report shows on basis of thirty three cases coming from inside and outside the chemical industry, how in practice to cope with uncertainty and to manage complexity in supply and logistics chains whilst improving sustainability goals (People, Planet, Profit). As the report describes clearly, all of the aforesaid is enabled by collaborative approaches and technological developments. The latter are in the areas of equipment and operational processes as well as in IT communication and connectivity, as driven by either private initiative or governmental institutions. The report is the synthesis of the activities of three EPCA joint producers and service provider working groups during 2012 and 2013 with the support of academics and leading consultancy firms working for the Chemical Business Community.

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EPCA supports stem education

Role model video. Nathalie Brunelle, Senior Vice-President Strategy, Development, Research, Refining & Chemicals at TOTAL, the leading oil and gas industry player and world-class chemical producer, also very active in new energies. Listen to her story!

Role models encourage studying science

Portraits of chemical industry experts who explain the advantages of studying science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)

These role models are experts in the chemical industry. For today’s younger generations, they share their experiences of working in the sector, explaining their jobs, backgrounds and exciting career paths.

Watch the videos to hear their passionate stories and learn how studying the STEM fields can unlock the door to a rich, innovative and rewarding career.

Sectors based on STEM are integral to our daily lives.

Science: Where can it take you?

Working for the chemicals industry offers young people rewarding job prospects, interesting career opportunities and the possibility to contribute to a more sustainable world.

Watch EPCA’s ‘Science: Where Can it Take You?’ video to find out how studying science, technology, engineering or maths (STEM) can lead to a fascinating and fulfilling career in the chemical industry.

Read EPCA’s factsheet to learn more about the video and where a career in chemistry can take you.


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Guidelines for collaboration between school and industry

Whether you are a teacher, education administrator, involved in industry or a policy maker – anyone engaged in collaboration between industry and schools can benefit from the information in this code produced by European Schoolnet - inGenious, the European coordination body for STEM education. The inGenious Code comprising principles, guidelines, checklists and templates, to help schools and industry work together in a safe, smooth and secure way. The inGenious Code offers best practice and practical advice in order to increase and further school-industry collaborations across the European Union. More information are available on

Annual meetings

EPCA’s Annual Meeting is a world-class business event for the chemical business community, welcoming top international speakers, CEOs, business leaders and service providers from across the globe.

48th EPCA annual meeting

4-8 October 2014


48th EPCA Annual Meeting Report