Essberger Tankers

John T. Essberger is a pioneer of purpose-built parcel tankers and today is one of Europe's leading operators of such tankers, as well as operating Dry Cargo and Ship Management Divisions.

In 2021, Essberger and Stolt Tankers entered into a joint venture, E&S Tankers, to operate 48 highly sophisticated parcel tankers ranging in size from 2,800 to 11,300 deadweight tonnes, trading in Europe and in particular within the Baltic, Mediterranean and Northwest Europe.

Essberger is proud of its unique history, a history that has resulted in a state of the art fleet manned and operated by highly committed and experienced personnel, known and trusted throughout Europe by shippers of bulk liquids .

We built our business on long term partnerships and the future of the company is underpinned by continuous investment in the business, where we aim to combine tradition with modernity.