Mitsubishi Gas Chemical America

"We Will Achieve Sustained Growth by Creating Values to Share with Society"

Mitsubishi Gas Chemical America (MGCA) has been leading the way in a wide range of fields, from basic chemicals to fine chemicals and functional materials in the United States since 1984. As a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, INC. (MGC) in Japan, MGCA has in common the MGC philosophy "to contribute to societal growth and harmony by creating a wide range of values through chemistry."

MGCA serves all of North and South America with a variety of products, such as natural gas chemicals, IT and technological raw materials and food, pharmaceutical and healthcare support applications.

While MGC focuses on specializing, differentiating and creating high performance products that respond to the demands of every market-place, MGCA is able to focus on you, the customer. Through customer service, logistical knowledge, technical assistance and superior products, MGCA is here to help and guide you and your company into the future. Aligning with the new MGC group vision, "Creating values to share with society," MGCA will contribute to customers in this region.