Part of Nijhof-Wassink Group. Founded as transporter in 1967, developed to an all round logistics service provider. We are not aiming to become the biggest, we want to stay your best and only logistics service provider you will ever need.

With warehouses, cleaning stations and intermodal locations throughout Europe we are able to service everything you need, right where you need it. We mainly focus on four markets which are, dry and liquid bulk products in the chemical industry, fuel and animal feed distribution. We can transport your products by road, waterway and railway or a combination of those. Because we mainly use our own resources and realizing partnerships with intermodal transports we are able to provide the highest quality.

An organisation is as good as it's employees. At Nijhof-Wassink they are the heart of our company and they take care of satisfied customers and consistency. They work hard for and with each other and therefore we show our appreciation. We are constantly investing in training and development of our people. Here employees are still colleagues who together are going for the best results: "People make the difference!"