WASCOSA is focused on the hiring out and management of freight cars for rail traffic. Founded in 1964 and headquartered in Lucerne, Switzerland, the family-run business is a pioneer in the industry.


Our team engages in international associations and project groups to help develop the solutions required tomorrow. We also conduct ongoing analysis of the needs of our customers and the inherent processes and changes in rail logistics. This integrated approach helps us generate the lead in knowledge that creates security and efficiency for our customers. WASCOSA is an independent, owner-managed private company. We distinguish ourselves by our quest for new concepts for the industry, both from within and beyond its boundaries. We‘re the forerunners, and we take this role seriously. So you are right to expect more from us.


The Europe-wide leasing of railway wagons has been our core business - since 1964. We pioneered the industry by introducing a modular IT solution. With the universal chemicals tank car, we set a new benchmark for equipment and functionality. And we promoted the introduction of derailing detectors, which today are a matter of course. These are just some of the steps that define our lead. Established know-how is one thing. Further development another. The pan-European hiring of railway transportation remains our core business. Today, we provide additional services for our customers, such as the management of complete car fleets.


A cooperation with WASCOSA begins with an individual analysis and specific consulting. This generates service offers and integrated solutions, precisely tailored to the customer‘s needs. Customers benefit from our networked approach, the versatility of WASCOSA specialists and the rapid interfacing of new concepts and inhouse developments. We cultivate a culture of proximity, the essence of which is a reliable service. Thanks to dependable maintenance, the failure rate of WASCOSA fleet cars is low and availability accordingly high. Customer proximity also means that our employees can be reached easily and beyond standard hours, to provide fast and dedicated support, should problems arise.