Dirk Verstraeten
Dirk Verstraeten
CEO of DGA Shipping BV
Supply Chain Program Committee

Dirk Verstraeten is an established logistics specialists in both operations and procurement in the chemical environment.

He joined the HGK Shipping Group in May 2022, first as CEO of DGA Shipping BV. Prior to that he worked at Covestro for over 30 years and held several positions in logistics and procurement. 

Dirk has a B.A. in Logistics, Material and Supply Chain Management and a Master in Business Administration and Management.

Throughout his career, Dirk has traversed various domains within the logistics sphere, encompassing both operational and procurement facets, with a specialization in the petrochemical sector.

This remarkable journey can be dissected into three distinct chapters. Initially, Dirk spent 16 years at the Bayer production site in Antwerp, where he assumed responsibility for site logistics, offering a wide spectrum of experiences and insights.

In 2006, Dirk's insatiable curiosity beckoned him to explore the world, leading him to Bayer's headquarters in Leverkusen. From there, he embarked on globetrotting ventures, dedicated to site logistics projects. His role involved forging strategic, long-term collaborations with major global and local logistics suppliers, fostering a transformative mindset.

Dirk's active involvement extended into the community, participating in several Cefic working groups. Notably, in 2015, he became a member of EPCA SCPC, representing Covestro (formerly Bayer). Remarkably, from 2018 to 2021, he held the position of chairperson within the SCPC, contributing significantly to the realms of digitization, sustainability, and circular economy.

After an accomplished 33-year tenure with Bayer – Covestro, Dirk embarked on an entirely new chapter. Returning to Antwerp, in May 2022 he assumed the role of CEO at DGA Shipping, a prominent barging company. His role is to focus on business development of the HGK Shipping group in the ARA – area.

DGA Shipping BV operates as a joint venture, with the majority stake held by HGK Shipping GmbH. Dirk also assumes a representative role for HGK Shipping. Demonstrating his commitment to the industry, Dirk is re-entering the SCPC.

Dirk Verstraeten is known for his penchant for one-liners, and one that resonates with his professional ethos is "rattle the cage." This phrase embodies his propensity to challenge conventional processes and think innovatively.

With great enthusiasm, Dirk looks forward to the prospect of meeting and collaborating with fellow industry professionals in the near future.