News | 14/03/2023

#EPCA57 | Collaboration for Impact

#EPCA57 | Collaboration for Impact
EPCA's 57th Annual Meeting theme - Collaboration for Impact | #EPCA57 sponsorship package available

Annual Meeting theme announced

At the Board Meeting held on 23rd February 2023, the theme of this year’s gathering was announced ‘Collaboration for Impact’.

23rd February 2023 EPCA’s virtual Board of Directors Meeting

The 57th Annual Meeting of EPCA will focus on the theme of "Collaboration for Impact" with a particular emphasis on energy security, affordability, and sustainability. The event will explore the sustainability of future investments in the petrochemical industry as well as its long-term success in Europe given the impact of high energy and raw material costs and increasing regulations. Keynote speeches will cover topics such as the environmental and social role of the petrochemical industry and sustainable businesses both present and future. Additionally, there will be discussions regarding how collaborative initiatives within the industry can enable high policy ambition to be effectively implemented.

Our ample networking and business opportunities will provide knowledge and insights on how sector-specific collaborations can mitigate social and environmental risks in complex supply chains. Participants will also be discussing how to make the most out of data and technological solutions.

Attendees at the event will have the chance to engage in learning, networking, and sharing their best practices for managing responsible businesses and sustainable supply chains.
Collaborative efforts from diverse actors are critical to driving positive impact, and this event will serve as a platform to showcase the various dynamics and facets of the ecosystem.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Photographer: Nick Fewings | Source: Unsplash

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