International Chemical Products (ICP) Gmbh

At «International Chemical Products» Gmbh (ICP Gmbh) we rely on our experience as a global organization to achieve consistent growth and enrichment of our partners and self. The Group largely envisions a transition from a fossil-based to a bio-based world economy and society, and is committed to helping overcome the energy barrier through alternative technology.

Our corporate strength stems from strategically integrating our independent Core Businesses to identify new opportunities, optimize growth for our partners and safeguard socio-economic welfare.


«Nurturing the present and aspiring for a better Future»

ICP Gmbh aims to empower communities and enrich lives by creating a wealth of opportunities for ‘all’, while consistently setting benchmarks for value addition, environmental awareness and corporate governance. Through a process of continuous improvement, we aspire to leave an indelible mark by earning the utmost faith and goodwill of people and society in all our endeavours.


«Invest in quality and deliver the very best, whether products, services or people»

ICP Gmbh has always believed that there is no substitute for «BEST» hence it has always been our endeavour to provide the Best Product, Best Services and hiring the Best People.