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Membership fees for the year 2024:
   - Full members pay 3,000.00€ per year
   - Associate member dues are 1,500.00 € per year.


58th Annual Meeting of EPCA | Non-Member registration is not possible!

Your company must be a member of EPCA. It is not possible to register as a non-member for the event. For new members to attend the event in Berlin, they must have submitted a complete membership application by 30 June 2024. For companies that have applied and not paid their annual membership dues as of 15 August 2024, we regret to inform you that you cannot attend the #EPCA58 event. 

Companies interested in participating in the 58th Annual Meeting are encouraged to start the application process early to avoid disappointment. Ready to join for 2024? Great! Fill in the Membership Application Form - HERE by 30 June 2024!

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Leaders of the business world, heads of state, Nobel laureates, bestselling authors and award-winning journalists join the discussions beyond the stiff format and relentless rhythm of the news media.

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EPCA brings together an incredibly diverse group of people and companies - from household names to emerging new players - from all corners of the world. Meet them, share ideas and keep your finger on the pulse of the latest trends. Make sure you're always ahead of the curve.

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Key actors from every industry segment turn to EPCA when looking for the next big thing. Can your company meet their needs? Find new partners and build a network that will continue to deliver long in to the future. 

Get Exclusive Access to the EPCA Annual Meeting:


EPCA brings together people and companies redefining the global petrochemical industry. Share ideas, meet your future business partner, or learn lessons from industry peers.


EPCA’s world-class speakers and content that inspires and empowers ensure that you will bring valuable skills back to your office or board room.


Open up your company to a whole new audience. With thousands of industry’s leading lights in one place for three days, you’re just a chat away from valuable leads that will convert into meaningful business relationships.

Who Can Become a Member?

EPCA is delighted to receive your membership application if your company’s activities fall into one of the following categories:

Full members and Associate members. Full and Associate members are legal entities duly established and existing in compliance with the law and practices of their country of origin, taking into account the below definition of the Petrochemical industry (Art. 2 EPCA Statutes):

“The industry” or “The petrochemical industry” shall mean legal entities whose activities involve the chemical conversion of raw materials extracted from fossil and renewable hydrocarbons and their derivatives and the chemical conversion of materials into raw materials.

Full members pay 3,000.00€ per year and Associate member dues are 1,500.00 € per year.

Full Members

Full membership is granted by the Board of Directors to legal entities exercising key activities in Europe in the petrochemical industry by reference to the above definition of the (petrochemical) industry.

Annual Membership Fee: 3,000.00 €

Associate Members

Associate membership is granted by the Board of Directors to legal entities which, in the opinion of the Board of Directors, can contribute to the achievement of the objective of the Association such as producers of (petro)chemical products who do not manufacture in Europe; suppliers and customers of EPCA member companies; transport, storage and trading companies; engineering and construction companies as well as companies providing consultancy services to the chemical industry and their service providers. Ports & other authorities organized in the form of companies or agencies rendering services or support to the chemical business community.

Annual Membership Fee: 1,500.00 €

  • How to Join?

  • Application

    Your company sends EPCA a duly completed and signed application form which includes the names and details of contact persons in two major European EPCA member companies who can be contacted for the company reference.


    Following a positive response from two reference contacts (provided by the company wishing to join), the application will undergo a thorough review before being formally submitted to our Board of Directors for approval.
    NOTE: The approval process can take up to eight (8) weeks. It is depending on a) the speed with which positive responses are received from the references provided and b) the availability of our Board of Directors eighteen (18) people.


    If your company’s application is approved, official membership documents are sent. The membership becomes effective after the payment of the membership fee. After wich you are eligible to register for EPCA's events such as the Annual Meeting.

  • EPCA members adhere to the following Statutes - Articles of Association:

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    Fill in the Membership Application Form 

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    Membership fees for the year 2024:
       - Full members pay 3,000.00€ per year
       - Associate member dues are 1,500.00 € per year.

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