Livent Corporation is a fully integrated lithium company.

The Company manufactures lithium for use in a range of lithium products, which are used primarily in lithium-based batteries, specialty polymers and chemical synthesis applications. It is focused on supplying high performance lithium compounds to the electric vehicles (EV) and broader battery markets. The Company produces lithium compounds, including battery-grade lithium hydroxide for use in high performance lithium-ion batteries.

It also supplies butyllithium, which is used in the production of polymers and pharmaceutical products, as well as a range of specialty lithium compounds including high purity lithium metal, which is used in non-rechargeable batteries and in the production of lightweight materials for aerospace applications. The Company's product category includes Battery-Grade Lithium Hydroxide, Non-Battery Hydroxide, Butyllithium, High purity Lithium Metal and other specialties.