MarTest Cambrian

Sometimes you may be faced with an off-spec cargo, despite strict operational procedures practiced by transportation, production and storage companies. A problem that needs to be resolved - preferably fast, cost-effective and most importantly: safe!

Although ‘Downgrading’ could be an option, the costs would be substantial. Distillation is another option, However, this may not be feasible due to the significant costs for transportation, storage and refining losses.

MarTest Cambrian delivers her filtration services in the field, at the storage site or even on board of a vessel by setting up her portable and mobile reprocessing equipment on-site. MarTest Cambrian Group has access to a number of sophisticated filtration technologies to recover, recondition or purify contaminated and off-spec cargoes.

With our certified equipment and qualified staff we are able to provide you as the customer the most economical solution of reprocessing contaminated liquids. Filtration operations will be accepted worldwide.

To date, MarTest Cambrian has successfully treated in excess of 3.000.000 metric tons of petroleum and petrochemical products.
As the need / demand for our filtration activities both in- and outside Europe have increased enormously, we continue to specialize as an international organization based in Europe, Asia and USA.

  • Europe as: MarTest Cambrian (Europe) B.V. and MarTest Cambrian Deutschland GmbH
  • Asia Pacific as MarTest Cambrian (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
  • America as MarTest Cambrian (USA) Inc.


MarTest Cambrian continues to develop filtration technologies, which enable us in responding to requests from around the world.

The focus of our company is reprocessing off-specification materials, mainly liquid petroleum, petro-chemical products and general chemicals in liquid form, which have become contaminated during shipment or storage or where manufacturing specifications require upgrading.

If you have questions about one of the above, or if you’re looking for off-spec treatment, please feel free to contact us at: