2M Holdings

2M Holdings was founded by Mottie Kessler in 2004, the present Chairman and CEO, with a long term objective to grow an international chemicals distribution portfolio based on excellent companies with strong brands.

2M Holdings includes a portfolio of branded companies of chemical distribution and related chemical services of samples management, storage and blending.

2M Holdings wholly owned private company, head quartered in the UK and with an international presence in: China, Benelux, Ireland, Poland, Scandinavia, Brazil and the UK. The group exports to customers in over 75 countries.

2M Holdings focus business is on automotive, precision cleaning, coating, emission reduction AdBlue, oil-field & refineries, Flavours & Fragrances and surfactants for: personal-care, household & industrial hygiene cleaning and pharmaceuticals.

2M Holdings Companies produce AdBlue, SamSol Products, Packed Chlorine (cylinders and drums) and TRIKLONE & PERKLONE (Chlorinated Solvents).