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The global petrochemical industry is based on feedstocks that are derived as by-products of natural gas processing and oil refining. Do you know what risks might be involved and what to look out for now and in the future to ensure your business evolves with the market?

Argus provides not only expert petrochemical market coverage, but also in-depth data and analysis on refined products, natural gas, coal, NGLs and LPG. As a global leader in petrochemicals and across the value chain, trust Argus to help you mitigate risk by truly understanding the market, from the wellhead to plastics conversion.

With decades of global petrochemical experience, our experts will help you determine what trends to track and how to stay competitive in today’s ever-changing global markets. Learn more

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Weekly/bi-weekly reports

Argus’ weekly and bi-weekly reports provide contract and spot benchmarks, global industry news, and analysis of key economic drivers in each major region. Detailed commentary on industry activity, including feedstock trends, is supported by insightful graphics.

Argus’ weekly/bi-weekly reports


Monthly outlooks

Argus’ monthly outlooks give you a 24-month rolling price forecast and forward-looking analysis of global supply and demand, trade flows, and inventory levels for each petrochemicals and polymer derivative. Regional analyses and price data support discussion of major trends throughout the forecast period, including arbitrage opportunities and global trade.

Argus’ monthly outlooks


Analytics/annual reports

Argus’ annual reports, part of the wider Argus Analytics service, put you firmly in control of your petrochemicals information flow.

The service provides comprehensive historical and forecast data, together with a detailed annual analysis and in-depth commentary on the global markets behind the numbers. It includes a 10-year forecast and five-year history for product capacities, trade, and supply-demand balances, as well as regular access to expert analysis and capacity updates.

Argus’ analytics/annual reports