BOLT | Bulk Oil & Liquid Transport PTE Ltd

BOLT (Bulk Oil & Liquid Transport) Pte Ltd. is a Singaporean headquartered company. We are an independent venture completely focused on providing our customers with high quality service for integrated transportation of bulk liquid cargo such as hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals on our own fleet of ISO T-11 Tanks.

With a combination of expert professionals, sound infrastructure and advanced IT systems, BOLT has in a short time established itself as a reliable player in the ISO tank container industry. BOLT offers complete capabilities to handle dangerous cargo (IMDG) goods and is well aware and complies with global IMO and IMDG regulations.

At BOLT it is our aim to provide every customer with tailor-made operations, backed by the latest state of the art equipment, to ensure a consistent door to door, or door to port or port to port international bulk liquid logistics.