Bruhn Spedition

Bruhn Spedition is a family-run business under private ownership. In 1995, it grew out of the Lübeck subsidiary of the Willy Bruhn Söhne haulage company, active since 1898.

In addition to the transport of all types of general cargo, Bruhn Spediton also transports powders, granulates and liquid foodstuffs in its own bulk and tank containers.

Shipments to and from Scandinavia, Finland, France, Ireland, Portugal, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltic States form the main focus of our activities.

Bruhn Spedition owns more than 3,300 containers, trailers and container chassis specially equipped to ensure the safe and efficient loading and unloading of bulk and tank containers.

Bruhn Spedition’s customer base includes well-known European shippers from the manufacturing, trade, chemistry, foodstuff and paper industries.