We are a trading company distributing chemical raw materials for many different industries.

Our company - Centro-chem - was founded in 1998 as an initiative of four friends.
Currently, our team consists of over 130 highly-qualified specialists.

We have two warehouses: the main one is located in Turka near Lublin in the eastern part of Poland and the second one, opened in 2019, is near the port of Gdansk. We also have two bonded warehouses to make our offer more attractive to customers outside the European Union.

As one of the few companies in the chemical raw material distribution sector in Poland, we own a fleet of vans and articulated lorries. This allows us to keep our delivery costs competitive and safely deliver neutral and dangerous goods directly to our customers.

We deal with domestic, intra-community and non-EU sales and we purchase the goods in the European Union, Asia and Africa.

We specialize in delivering raw materials for the production of fertilizers, feed and cosmetics. We also supply other industries, such as household chemicals, pharmaceuticals, paints and varnishes, building industry, food industry, glass and ceramic industry, rubber industry, oils and lubricants industries. We are a leading supplier of many products such as glycerine, glycols, amines, sulphates, nitrates, phosphates, acids and hydroxides.

One of our main advantages is that we can deliver the goods in the packaging required by the customer.

To ensure we care about quality, we implemented ISO 9001. We have the GMP+ certificate for trading feed additives, materials and premixes, and also our fleet meets the GMP+ standard.