Chempetrol Overseas Ltd. Lugano

 Chempetrol Overseas Limited was established in May 1991 as a petrochemicals trading company, initially focussed on two main petrochemical products. Following a period of dynamic growth the company now offers a specialised service in more than eight different products, including methanol, fertilisers and plastics, with sales of one million tons.

Chempetrol is based in Malta, with business operations in Northwest Europe and the Mediterranean area, where it is now known as one of the leading firms in the marketing of petrochemicals. In addition to the head office in Malta, the company has an active branch office in Switzerland and representative offices in North Africa and Italy.

The company now has a well-established marketing network covering almost the whole of Mediterranean market. The representative offices in North Africa and Europe allow Chempetrol to continuously monitor and report on progress through the whole delivery cycle from production, through to loading and unloading at the final destination. In addition, Chempetrol also provides various sales-related support activities, including transportation, insurance and technical assistance to its customers.