With 130 tank lorries and over 200 employees, Dantra A/S is one of Northern Europe’s leaders within the industry of tank logistics, transporting chemicals, oil, petrol, provisions and pharmaceuticals. Our main office is in Hjøllund in Denmark, and we also have offices in Køge, Sweden and Lithuania. We work purposively with employee development and we are known for high job and employee satisfaction. 

Cooperation with Dantra builds on customer-tailored logistics and flexibility. Our key values are safety, quality and precision, that we endeavour to comply with for our customers and in everything we do. Dantra has all necessary authorizations and drives safely and according to the rules in force. We are ADR, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and SQAS certified and certified to drive with liquid chemicals, bio oil petrol and oil, biogas and marine- and ship bunkering. Furthermore, we are experienced in transports of feed and are GMP+ certified.