Perhaps this is the first time you’ve come in contact with us but it probably won’t be the last time. We are present in virtually each and every one of your days and in those of your customers. Because Delamine covers a specific field of chemistry; ethylene amines like EDADETATETATEPAN-AEPPEHAHEPA, HEPA S-140, HEPA S-200 and Piperazine. These are useful aids for your shipbuilding or automotive industry. For road construction, customer products, healthcare or paint. Even your teabags, toilet paper or the diapers you use for your baby are powered by our amines.

Delamine operates as the biggest single line EDC based manufacturer in the world. From our headquarters and own production plant in the Netherlands we export ethylene amines to well over 50 countries globally. Hereby interacting with more than 15 different strategic markets.

We see chemical processing as a sane and solid solution for our daily life and future. We strive for top quality within REACH, health, safety and environmental regulations. We’re global, reliable and long-term thinkers, maximizing customer as well as employee satisfaction is important to us. In a no-nonsense, direct and flexible manner.

We’re a company in search of excellence and continuity. Our production plant in Delfzijl illustrates this principle. It has such a high quality maintenance level, that even over the last 30 years it has remained state of the art. Nowadays our circuits are practically closed and we have refined our processes to be able to deliver you customized blends.

Delamine contributes to all kinds of sustainable issues like new building methods or windmills. Delamine is here to stay and has an interesting and important place in all of our futures.