EL-TRANS S.A. is a family company based entirely on Polish capital. Founded in 1997, from the very beginning El-Trans focuses its business on delivering logistic services to chemical Companies.

Year by year the company increases participation in the European market, while developing the infrastructure base.
The company’s location in Central Poland allows us to support efficient transport throughout Europe.

We specialize in transport of liquid substances of the following classes: hazardous materials assigned to class 3, 4.1, 5.1, 6.1, 8 and 9 (according to ADR convention), materials that must be stored in a specified temperature up to 180 degrees, neutral materials.

Transport of liquid chemical products for outsized Customers requires not only modern equipment, but also an excellent logistic support, a great deal of flexibility in order to adapt to dynamically evolving Customer needs.

We are able to meet them with a further investment in human resources and equipment. The company currently has one
of the best car wash tanks in Europe, and professional service facilities. Many years of experience in cooperation with big corporations has encouraged us to take a decision on the development of the next branch services – support for mines.