Everspring Chemical

Everspring Chemical, founded in 1988, specializes in the production of antioxidants for the plastics industry. Today it offers a wide range of high-quality additives for plastic processing and stabilization. While teaming up with its affiliates, it continues to broaden its portfolio by offering various types of specialty chemicals, such as clarifiers, light stabilizers, high-performance boosters, etc. Currently, it is ranked one of the largest polymer additive producers by capacities in the world.

Everspring not only serves the global plastics industry in over 100 countries, it has also become a leading brand for its high-quality chemical products. Its mission is to increase product values, reduce customers’ costs, and improve their businesses. Its goal is to achieve the most cost-effective solution without sacrificing any quality or performance. As a result, most prominent licensing technologies have all approved and adopted its products for usage in their polymer manufacturing processes. Aiming to provide the industry with better service and more competitive products,

Everspring has since expanded its global presence by establishing several subsidiaries in Asia, America, Europe, and Middle East. With its local customer support and warehouse capability, it serves quickly to meet market demands, satisfy customers'​ needs, and continue to exceed their expectations.