Exolum | Inter Terminals

The Inter Terminals business is the largest independent bulk liquid storage provider in Scandinavia, with more than 3 million cubic metres of storage capacity located across 8 terminals.

Our Nordic Terminals occupy prime locations with access to highly developed transport links and transhipment services. We offer convenient and cost-effective services for the storage and handling of all kinds of products from oils and chemicals to biofuels and technical wastes.


Our terminals in Sweden are located along the Baltic Sea and Danish Straits, a major trade route. The facilities function as a strategic storage and blending hub for the transhipment of petroleum products as well as for inland distribution of retail petroleum and petrochemical products. Our Gothenburg Terminal offers fully automated low-sulphur marine fuel bunkering for optimum efficiency, accuracy and safety.

In Denmark, Inter Terminals operates four deep draft coastal storage terminals, which provide build-bulk, break-bulk and custom blending services for distillates and heated oil products. The facilities provide deep water loading and unloading access to large shipping vessels including VLCC tankers.