Gelsenchem Chemical Products

The Gelsenchem Chemical Products GmbH was founded in late 2003 by the two previous shareholders and directors Miguel Fábrega and Thomas Lüllemann. As a completely independent company, we are a major player in the European trading and distribution market.

Focus of our activities is on distribution of chemical products for the waste water treatment sector, industrial chemistry as well as the renewable energy sector.

We see ourselves as a functional link between producers and consumers and provide our customers with a qualified and professional service. Our customer base comprises numerous large and medium-sized businesses together with independent operators, particularly from the municipal sector.

Reliability is our major strength. Our products are always of a consistently high standard of quality. We have reliable shipping agents who ensure that all materials are delivered quickly and punctually seven days a week. The European Community is the main sales market for our products.

We are always on hand to provide our customers with expert advice. Our many years of experience and numerous contacts provide us with the expertise to deal with any enquiries or problems our customers may have. Please don't hesitate to contact us.

Our work is committed to your needs: We do not offer blanket solutions, we provide a customised service tailored specifically to your requirements.