Hicri Ercili

The history of the commercial path of the founder of our company, Mr. Hicri Ercili, who was born in 1941 in the Turkish city of Bandirma, is similar to the stories of other entrepreneurs of that time. When Mr. Hicri took the decision to start his own business in the 1970s, the country's economy was dominated by "inflation" and "insufficient foreign currency reserves."

Initially not having significant start-up capital, he built his auto spare parts and chemical transportation business, persistently and patiently gaining experience and own vision, simultaneously developing a solid business idea. Globalization of the world economy in the 1980s, made an influence on the Turkish economy development trend, which in turn affected the business strategy of Hicri Ercili. The time has come to change the commercial model due to the global economic development trends.

In 1999, Hicri Ercili handed over the management of the company to his son Murat Ercili, subsequently witnessing the success and rapid development of the company he founded.

Today the ideas and views of our company’s founder serve as reliable guides for the employees of the company, named after him “Hicri Ercili”.

The companies of the Hicri Ercili group continue to grow organically, using their resources efficiently and carrying out their activities with the work of 1200 employees in 6 regions (Corlu, Izmit, Yalova, Mersin, Adana), including the central office in Bandirma.