H.J. van Bentum

H.J. van Bentum bv specialises in the transportation of dry bulk products, both powders and granulates. Our fleet of silo trailers consists of both food and non-food trailers with a capacity of 61 m3. In addition to silo trailers, we also operate a fleet of 40-ft silo pressure containers. Depending on the freight and the location of its loading and unloading, we have what it takes to offer you the most efficient solution, using whatever mode of transport you prefer – road, water or rail.

Our vehicles are equipped with an on board computer, which means that we know at any given moment the location of our drivers and your goods. With our fleet of curtainsided trailers and flatbed trailers, we operate a daily service between the United Kingdom and the continent for groupage and full loads. For the crossing to and from the United Kingdom we use various ferry services and the Channel Tunnel.

All our curtainsided trailers are built according to the TUV XL code, which ensures safe transit packaging. The kerb weight of these TUV XL trailers, which are generally heavier than standard trailers, has remained below the target weight thanks to various technical innovations.