Hupac is Europe's leading intermodal network operator. For the last fifty years, we have pioneered innovative and reliable rail transport services, thus making a key contribution to modal shift and environment protection.

Hupac's network comprises connections between the main European economic areas to destinations as distant as Russia and the Far East. Every day, some 110 Hupac trains with their own rail wagons are on the move, transporting containers, swap bodies and semitrailers. We strive to offer flexibility, service and reliability.

The Hupac Group comprises 17 companies with locations in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Russia and China, and it has about 450 employees. Hupac has around 5,500 rail platforms and bundles the consignments of transport companies into whole trains as a neutral, independent combined transport operator. The traction is provided by external rail companies. Hupac operates efficient terminals at key locations and develops innovative IT solutions.

Hupac was founded in 1967 in Chiasso. The company has around 100 shareholders. The share capital amounts to CHF 20 million; 72% belongs to logistics and transport companies while 28% is held by rail companies, thus guaranteeing closeness to the market and independence from the railway companies