Janex is a global supplier of petrochemicals focussed on higher olefins, heavy alkylates, polyisobutylene, high purity paraffins and other performance chemicals. Founded in 1982,

Janex remains a privately owned independent service provider to the petrochemical industry. Janex has commercial teams in Lausanne, Switzerland and Shanghai, China. Our commercial executives have a deep technical knowledge combined with experience of international chemical trade. The team in China has responsibility for both the sale of products to Asian customers, as well as sourcing Asian manufactured products to meet the demands of our global customer base.

The logistics and operations team is based in Lausanne, Switzerland, managing the world-wide distribution be it via ship, barge, isotanks, railcar or truck.

We are actively importing and exporting to over 25 countries in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Our business has a philosophy of service excellence and long-term personal relationships. We look to develop the optimum solution for our customers and suppliers, and have worked with some of the world's leading chemical companies for several decades.

We are a reliable, financially stable partner having operated profitably every year since being established. We have a strong balance sheet and access to extensive credit and trade finance facilities.

Janex is a REACH registered importer of products to the EU. We have extensive in-house experience of managing imports under the REACH regulation. If you are looking to secure a new supply of a product or seeking to find new users of your material, Janex will work with you to develop a solution that meets your needs.