JCL Logistics

JCL Logistics headquarters based in Baar, Switzerland, operating over 40 branches with 1300 employees in more than 14 countries. Operational activities in the fields of freight and product logistics as well as e-commerce.

Specialising in the following branches: health, chemical industry, retail, automotive, industry, JCL Logistics has a turnover of 360 million EUR p.a.

In addition to a lean company structure and long-standing experience in various business sectors, the company focuses on optimal customer-orientation. JCL Logistics accepts responsibility for all customer products throughout the entire supply chain.

JCL Transportlogistics

Customised Transports by land, by water and in the air. In doing so, we often break new ground.

JCL Plus

Product logistics logically complements the pure transport. Goods from different sectors are finished, repaired and prepared ready for sale at our logistics centres. These value added services are continuously expanded and adapted to the needs of our customers. The centrally-controlled services in our logistics centres are conducted by highly professional staff.

IT Expertise

Employing the correct IT systems simplifies processes, and results in traceability, quicker response and in-creased efficiency.