LBC Tank Terminals

LBC Tank Terminals is a top-tier global independent operator of bulk liquid storage facilities for chemicals, petroleum, and base oils. We own and operate a global network of seven state-of-the-art and flexible storage terminals at strategic locations in the United States and Europe, offering loading and unloading services for various transportation modes such as pipeline, vessel, barge, rail tank car and truck. Our headquarters are located in the petrochemical heart in the port of Rotterdam (The Netherlands). Our facilities combined provide approximately 3.0 million m³ of bulk liquid storage capacity. Located in important deep-water ports such as Houston and Freeport (Texas), Baton Rouge (Louisiana), Rotterdam (The Netherlands) and Antwerp (Belgium), our terminals are connected to vital chemical process plants via pipeline infrastructure networks.

Our purpose is being the connected partner for sustainable storage solutions.

As a leading international and independent liquid bulk storage company, we form an integral part of our customers’ supply chains. We provide vital infrastructure and innovative services in the process of transporting products from areas of supply to areas of demand. In our position as connected partner in current and future logistic networks, we are a relevant player in the energy transition. We enable efficiency gains in our customers' businesses and support their growth ambitions, paving the way towards a carbon-neutral society.

We store and handle products that meet essential consumer needs of everyday life. These products make their way into the healthcare and personal care sectors, construction and housing, the food industry, and other essential markets. We safeguard our long-term relevance by offering integrated services that respond to our stakeholders’ expectations and anticipate on evolving environmental, social, and governmental requirements. We invest in a digital, efficient, and sustainable future, serving markets and customers with storage solutions that contribute to a better tomorrow.