Lifly Chemicals

We, Guangzhou Lifly Chemicals,
● 20+ years experience in solvents and monomers.
● Contract partner of Sinopec and PetroChina.  
● Thousands stere storage tanks for MEK, ACETONE, MMA, with guaranteed product availability and sustainability. 
● Sufficient stock in the ARA region to meet customer's prompt delivery requirements.  
● Concerned about the future of mankind and carbon emissions.

We are a company with culture, sentiment and faith.

You, Our esteemed customer can enjoy,
● A full range of satisfactory international logistics services: CIF, FOB, DAP, DDP, FCAT1, FCAT2, you can order with confidence. 
● Timely and objective supply information, capacity information, market information, so that you can make decisions. 
● Chinese culture, such as Chinese festivals, Chinese cuisine, Chinese can get more familiar with China.