The PORT OF MARSEILLE FOS offers a uniquely wide array of logistical services as well as excellent opportunities for the establishment of industries.

The successful implementation of the port reform has ensured a lasting return of confidence, service quality and productivity in port activities, enabling us to make new plans and fulfil our ambitions.

VIA MARSEILLE FOS has the following goals:

– Encourage a commercial dynamic within the port community based on a competitive, reliable offering of high-quality services, with the aim of winning over new traffic,

– Enable the Port of Marseille-Fos to winback its international competitiveness for all categories of cargo,

– Bring together under one name the services and skills of the professionals of its port community, in order to offer effective solutions to the customers of Marseille-Fos.

A driving force in the development of trade, we contribute to promoting the assets of our port and its community, bringing a positive impact to the local economy.

We put an emphasis on our unique geographical location to promote our port as Europe’s natural Mediterranean gateway for maritime trade.

We must secure the loyalty of the traffic which passes through Marseille-Fos, by consolidating the strong ties we have with our customers in France and beyond our hinterland.

We seek to promote the range of transport options serving our hinterland, which is unique in the Mediterranean in terms of multimodality: road, rail, river and pipelines.