MOL Chemical Tankers

MOL Chemical Tankers was founded in 1972, and has been a member of the global Mitsui O.S.K. Lines Group since 1996. With almost 50 years in the industry, our company has grown into being a global and leading specialist in marine transportation of liquid chemicals and vegetable oils.

Our company is committed to provide safe and reliable transportation services under the doctrine: ‘Where there is safety, there is prosperity’. The operation of chemical tankers requires compliance with international regulations, awareness and protection of the environment, as well as high quality and safety management. Building strong relations to our customers is the key to running a good business.

As a leading company in the chemical transportation industry with advanced navigation and ship management technologies, we have earned the trust of our customers over many years of reliable services, and we will continue to seek ways to further improving our services and further strengthening trusted relationship with our business partners.

Headquartered in Singapore, the MOL Chemical Tankers Group include offices all over the world; Tokyo, Dubai, Shanghai, Busan, London, Copenhagen, Rotterdam, Stamford, Houston and Bogotá.

In January 2019, MOL Chemical Tankers acquired Nordic Tankers (hereafter named MOL Nordic Tankers) and in May 2020, the acquired company fully integrated into the MOLCT Group covering the newly established Atlantic Division (MOL Chemical Tankers Europe A/S, MOL Chemical Tankers America LLC and MOL Chemical Tankers Colombia S.A.S.).

In 2019, we also formed a capital alliance with Den Hartogh, a leading Dutch tank container company, and we are developing a tank terminal in Antwerp Port together with a local company Sea-tank.