Move Intermodal

For over 30 years, Move Intermodal is a leading provider of intermodal logistic solutions. We use a network and partnership approach with customers across Europe. Together with 250 employees in 7 countries and with 2.500 load units, 135 trucks and 60 trains per week we organize over 1.000 movements per day all over Europe.

We are recognised for our excellent services and the cost effective solutions we offer to our customers, whilst achieving the highest standards on safety and environmental protection. This makes Move Intermodal much more than just a logistics company. We offer solutions that integrate seamlessly with customers’ supply chains. They can outsource their entire logistics supply chain to Move Intermodal:

  • Supply chain design and logistics optimisation
  • 3rd party Freight management
  • Container fleet management
  • Inventory planning
  • Etc.


Move Intermodal is a  private company with an annual turnover of over 82 million euros. Our main offices are located in Genk, Belgium and Novara, Italy.